Allbatross Digitech is a leading company in Software development in Delhi NCR. We are in the profession of software development from last 5 years. In software we created software using specific programming language, it consists ladder of interrelated programming code, which provides us running and developed software.

Software Developments wants:-

  • Project Discussion:- Go through the requirements of the project likewise Content, Images, language Framwork, Storage amd many more.

  • Competion Analysis:- In competive analysis we have to plan how to work with perfection there is a need of Marketing and strategic management to determine the strengths and weaknesses of our project to deal in the market.

  • Management:- Management is the process to determine the estimation completion of the project by analyse the segement of initiating, planning, to achieve the specific goals to meet the success in specified time.

  • Alignment:- Alignment between projects and strategies of product that was planned in management section is most important part of the whole processor. This allows you to acknowledge the best course of the processor and this describes your quality and performance of the project with no errors.

  • Execution:- Project Execution is the process that help us to deliver the actual work, the phase that is work in real and ready to release in the market to show his working.

Framwork which we work on:-


Microsoft has developed an easy and latest object-oriented programming language. Anders Hejlsberg led to .NET. C# is an object-oriented language, C# supports the formation of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. In C#, a struct is sort of a light-weight class; it's a stack-allocated sort which will implement interfaces, however, doesn't support inheritance.According to the fundamental ideas of C# programing language, there aren't any separate header files and no demand that strategies and kinds be declared in a very specific order. A C# supply file could outline any variety of classes, structs, interfaces, and events and C# makes straightforward to develop parts of computer code.


.Net Framework Associate in Nursing integral element of windows that features common language runtime (CLR) that include a virtual execution system and unified set of Class libraries. The CLR is implemented by Microsoft the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), The CLR is an international standard that is libraries work together seamlessly and the several languages basis for creating execution and development environments. The .NET Framework having an extensive library which contains more than 4000 Classes in the organized form that is used to provide a variety of useful functionality for all the task from input and output to string execution to XML parsing.

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